AuthenThai Sticky Ribs£7.00
Authenthai Sticky Wings£6.50
Chilli (Pad Pet)£8.00£11.80
Deal 1 - 16oz Noodle Box & A Bottle Of Water£7.00
Deal 2 - Stir Fry & Rice Top & A Bottle Of Water£7.00
Fried fish stir fry (Pla pad prik king)£10.50
Nutty Sauce£1.50
Secret Spicy Ribs£7.00
Secret Spicy Wings£6.50
Sweet chilli£1.00
Thai Larbb Balls£7.00
Delivery cost£3.00
Thai Soup (Tom Kha)£8.00£11.80
Thai Soup (Tom Yum)£8.00£11.80
Chilli Oil & Vegetables£8.00£11.80
Thai Basil (Pad Krapow)£8.00£11.80
Garlic & Pepper£8.00£11.80
Oyster Sauce & Vegetables£8.00£11.80
Ginger Chilli Garlic£8.00£11.80
Yellow Curry£7.00£9.80
Sweet & Sour£8.00£11.80
Cashew Nuts£8.00£11.80
Special Rice Box£8.00£11.80
Fried Rice Box (Krapow Kruk)£8.00£11.80
Thai Curry (Panang)£8.00£11.80
Thai Green Curry£8.00£11.80
Thai Red Curry£8.00£11.80
Massaman Curry£8.00£11.80
Rice Noodles (Pad Thai)£8.00£11.80
Drunken Noodles£8.00£11.80
Egg Noodle£8.00£11.80
Thai Crackers£3.00
AuthenThai Hot Box£8.00£11.80
Chicken Satay£6.50
Thai Prawn Cakes£6.50
Thai Spring Roll£5.50
Thai Prawn Roll£6.50
Thai Fish£6.50
Papaya Salad£8.50
Seafood Salad£13.00
Jasmine Rice£3.00
Thai Meaty Salad£10.00£10.50
Salt & Pepper Chips£4.50
Egg Rice£4.00
Egg Noodle£3.00
Breast of Nuggets£6.00
Cans Of Pop£1.50
Bottle Of Water£1.20